Ladder Shelves

At home in kitchens and living areas, bathrooms, bedrooms and guest rooms, ladder shelves are a wonderfully versatile creation, offering a charming yet practical solution for easy storage and creative décor. Use one as a stand to hang towels or blankets for your guests, display plants, crockery or collectibles, or as a creative way to display your shoes or accessories.  Since there is no installation required, the fully mobile ladder shelf can be moved to any room as your needs and preferences change.

Whether you’re leaning towards the practical or purely decorative, our range of beautifully crafted ladder shelves offers the perfect blend of both.


Beautifully crafted from reclaimed pine, the Voyager ladder shelf features warm natural tones and rustic finishes that provide both sustainability & durability. This wall leaning piece offers 4 spacious shelves. Ideal as an add-on piece to your living, dining or bedroom area.


Beautiful decorative ladder crafted from solid teak wood.


The charming Asha ladder with shelf is the perfect way to bring out your creative side with a decorative and practical piece for your home. Crafted from solid teakwood, this piece can withstand humidity and warmer temperatures, making it suitable to use indoors in the bedroom or bathroom, on the patio, in the pool room or the spa. With its mobile versatility offering various display and storage possibilities, the leaning ladder is the easiest way to add fresh inspiration to any space in your home. 


The Maximus Ladder Shelf is beautifully crafted from solid natural wood, built for sustainability and durability. The aesthetic reclaimed pine presents a warm tone and rustic finish to your living space. The authentic workmanship means your space is not only refreshing but also eco-friendly.

•  Rustic reclaimed pine panels and removable shelves
•  Sturdy four-tier shelving for ample display space