3D Wall Art

Add a fresh perspective to your décor with our collection of handcrafted 3D metal wall art, featuring recycled materials and contemporary flair.


Take in the three-dimensional beauty of the Nave Wall Art. Framed in reclaimed solid pine, this bold geometric composition commands attention and creates intrigue. Transform any room into an artistic statement for the discerning eye.


Embrace the allure of the Kian Wall Art, a three dimensional piece framed in reclaimed solid pine. The geometric patterns will catch the eye of every viewer and add to the artistic tranquility of your home.   


Elevate your space with the Atticus Wall Art, a sophisticated 3D piece framed in reclaimed solid pine. Each meticulously placed square boasts a unique grain, celebrating nature's diversity. This piece brings an eco-conscious ethos to any contemporary home.


The Amir Wall Art embodies sophistication, featuring bold 3D geometric patterns that command attention. This piece, meticulously set within a reclaimed solid pine frame, speaks to refined taste and infuses any room with an air of modern artistry.


This unique handmade item features recycled paper artistically arranged to create a special wall art piece in 3D.


The Achilles Wall Art exudes a bold, three-dimensional allure and transforms any room into a gallery of modern taste. Easily elevate your homespace with this striking art piece.  


Decorate your wall with this contemporary-style metal décor. Hand-forged from steel, this ornament refreshes your space with a modern look and authentic textures.


Liven up your living space with the eccentric Vivid Forest wall art. This rustic masterpiece introduces depth and texture with its multicoloured metal frame, the perfect addition to personalise your space.